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Fun Facts About Washington DC

Fun Facts About Washington DC

Monuments, memorials and museums, oh my! Most folks know all about the people, places and things that make Washington DC famous. But there are some unique, quirky and interesting facts that many have never heard. Here they are for you to enjoy, feel free to quiz your friends.

1. Not every president has lived in the White House
All except one, George Washington, have lived and worked in the iconic building.

White House Washington DC

2. Some things never change
While most buildings in the city have changed throughout history, the Old Stone House dates back to 1765 and has remained unchanged since.

3. You can see the world’s largest obelisk when you visit
The Washington Monument, rising to 555 feet, 5 1/8 inches, is the also the world’s tallest obelisk.

Washington Monument Washington DC

4. There’s no J in Washington DC
Although the streets in the city are set up in letters, there is no J Street because the colonists planned out the city before the alphabet was finished and at the time there was no letter J.

5. The city is named after Christopher Columbus
DC stands for District of Columbia and it was deemed so to honor the famed explorer.

6. The White House hasn’t always been called that
Until 1901, when President Theodore Roosevelt made it official after it appeared in a newspaper article, the White House was called the President’s Palace or the President’s House.

7. Multilingual residents abound in DC
A very international city, DC is home to more than 170 embassies and international cultural centers. More than 15% of the residents in the city speak a language other than English in their home.

8. The Lincoln Memorial is famous for more than honoring Honest Abe
The memorial was created just two years after Abe Lincoln was assassinated and was constructed in 1914. It was also where Martin Luther King, Jr. made his famous “I have a Dream” speech in 1963.

Lincoln Memorial Washington DC