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Things To See In Washington DC On Vacation

In the capital city of Washington DC the past, present and future of the United States comes to life in a variety of memorials, museums and attractions. When you visit, make the most of your trip by planning ahead to see the significant and well-known sights. Here are some of the top things to see in Washington DC.

Photo of Vietnam Memorial

See the Vietnam Veterans Memorial
As you tour the city, make it a point to view the moving tribute to the Vietnam Veterans. This national memorial honors those who fought and died in Vietnam and the many who were lost and are still considered to be missing in action during the war. The memorial is located next to the national mall and contains two walls that are 246 feet long that lists the names of nearly 60,000 men and women who gave their lives in service to our country.

Visit the National Mall
Join with the millions of people each year who tour through the many iconic memorials and monuments in the National Mall. This national park in downtown Washington DC is where you can see the African American Civil War Memorial, the Korean War Veterans Memorial, the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial and much more.

Photo of the front of Fords Theatre

Discover the legacy of Lincoln at Ford’s Theatre
Take a tour of Ford’s Theatre and the Petersen House to discover the many fascinating facts behind the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Now a National Historic Site, Ford’s Theatre is where John Wilkes Booth shot Lincoln on April 14, 1865. Today, you can take a free tour of the Theatre, see where the President was seated and learn from a variety of exhibits about his life, his presidency and his assassination. You can also tour the Petersen House, which is located directly across the street from the theatre. It was in a back room of this historic home that President Lincoln died the morning following the shooting and where nearly 100 people came to pay their last respects to him throughout the night. Inside the home you will see authentic period furniture, various permanent displays, rotating exhibits and other artifacts that showcase Abraham Lincoln.

Stroll through the Tidal Basin
Although it’s best known as the home of Washington DC’s famous cherry blossoms and the annual cherry blossom festival in spring, the Tidal Basin is a pretty cool place to visit anytime of the year. A man-made inlet designed to control the water levels of the Potomac River, this special park is also home to the Jefferson Memorial, located on the south bank, the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial which sits on the western edge of the water and the Martin Luther King Memorial which is just northwest of the FDR Memorial. If you’re visiting in winter, bundle up on a sunny day and take a stroll, the natural beauty and touching memorials are sure to warm you up.

Check out the White House
Home and workplace of the President of the United States, The White House is one of the most recognized points of interest in Washington DC. A simple walk by or drive by is enough to instill a feeling of patriotism. It’s here that every president since John Adams has lived. Tours are free, but are only available by request and must be submitted through your member of congress. Currently, the White House is not accepting applications for tours, but that changes periodically.

If you’re in Washington DC for a week or even just a weekend, these are definitely some of the top things to see for all types of personalities.