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You’d be hard pressed for a person in a group of 50 to suggest Washington DC as an ideal destination for nature lovers. The nation’s capital, however, and its surrounding areas have plenty of green, open spaces and many living in the district enjoy a brisk run along the Tidal Basin (more on that later). […]

Visiting Washington DC this Spring? If you’re planning a trip to Washington DC this Spring, you’re in for a real treat because it’s this time of year that the cherry blossom trees surrounding the tidal basin are in bloom. These magnificent trees are a sight to behold-creating a burst of bright pink hues that cast […]

About the National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade Every year, the main event of the National Cherry Blossom Festival in DC is the official parade, hosted by Events DC. The parade route runs 10 blocks, beginning at the National Archives and ending at the Washington Monuments, spectators will be dazzled by elaborate pageantry and entertainment from […]